Friday, December 14, 2007

Delicious Exotic Thai Desserts

These special Thai desserts have been originated from the recipes of the 3 sisters who have successfully selected from hundreds of authentic Thai khanum ingredients. It has been the liking of hundreds of westerners, expatriates and Thai people from all walks of life because of its delicious taste.

Many of these Thai recipes originated from their families, the Thai restaurants or foodcarts that we all love and prominent Thai chefs. Flour, coconut and sugar are their base ingredients and under the culinary imagination and skills with the addition of tropical fruits, vegetables and eggs produced a spectrum of mouth watering desserts. They have put them through rigorous testing to perfection prior to serving it in their desserts outlet. Each dessert has been tasted not just by experienced Thai connoissuers but by regular western people touring abroad.

This is a dessert specialty shop. They carry 20 different dessert items at their outlet situated on the 2nd floor of the famost Robinson Department Store at Phathum Thani, 15 km from Bangkok.

Those satisfied customers who have tasted these delicacies have these to say
" Wow! it taste so good, an experience not be missed".